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2013 – Year of the Witch (Phantasmaphile Edition) – Interview with Pam Grossman

The story of how the work of Pam Grossman and her fantastic Phantasmaphile blog came to my attention quite predictably reeks of divine witchery. Despite being a practicing Occultist for 7 years, I somehow remained completely oblivious to the fact that one of the premier Occult book conventions in the world had been going down right beneath my nose in my hometown for four years. When I finally got hip, I remembered, then forgot, then remembered again at the last minute. Unfortunately, by that point I’d accidentally scheduled some family shit on the first day of the conference that I couldn’t easily duck out of. So I only caught day 2. It started at like 10 in the morning and I had to bus down, so I actually planned on skipping the first presentation as I’d stayed up late the night before. Through the course of that night, in some secret state of deranged hypnagogia, a voice came through the ether proclaiming: “they fucked up the order.”

I didn’t honestly know what this meant, but I woke up early the next morning at complete random. I was just lying there awake, so I decided to get up and head down. Didn’t have anything else exciting going on. The first presenter just so happened to be the rather enchanting Pam Grossman, who was by far the coolest thing I saw all day. To be fair, she was talking about the connection between the visual arts and the Occult, which means we’re treading on similar ground, with me being far more music focused. Truth be told, I admittedly don’t know dick about the visual arts scene, which is why chatting with someone like Pam proved so intriguing. Oh, and she also helps run The Observatory in Brooklyn, which is a hyper-rad Occult themed art space where she teaches things like real deal witchcraft. And she now helps edit the Abraxasjournal of the Occult Arts. So yeah, she owns and was kind enough to chat with me via e-mail about these rad things that she does and other fun shit like who’s cooler, Grant Morrison or Alan Moore. You should totally read this whole thing. This witch destroys!

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