Postmodern Magic

I just watched Kumaré, a documentary about a man named Vikram Gandhi who decides to impersonate a guru to demonstrate how easily people are misled.  I went into it not feeling sympathetic — I’m not a fan of the “make fun of people for their beliefs” crowd, even when those beliefs are odd.  To my relief, it didn’t really take that route.  And as I watched, I realized that this movie had a point, and it might even be a point that Mr. Gandhi missed:

He was, at some point, no longer impersonating a guru.  He had become a guru.



Take the psychic who does a past life reading and talks about the long line of previous Kumarés who stand behind him.  That’s all nonsense, of course: he made up the title and his yoga moves are often just air-guitar-like flailing around.  But by the same token, she’s…

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