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DKMU’s Assault on Reality and the Ellis Sigil


00_DKMU_logo01   “Consensus reality” is a funny term.  There are some things we can all agree on.  The earth is round (Flat Earth Society). Kittens are cute (I Hate Cats Tees).  The external world exists (David Icke’s Saturn/Moon Matrix theory).  For every absolute you can state, there’s someone out there who will draw a line in the sand and tell you that you’re wrong wrong wrong.  The DKMU turned those lines into trenches, huddled down for the long haul, and started bombarding the rest of us with glitterbombs.

DKMU was a loosely affiliated group of artists and occultists, connected through the internet, who declared war on reality in 2007.  “We cast spells, scribe sigils, open doorways, summon spirits, generate hauntings, design deities, perform rituals on skyscrapers while dropping acid, evoke archetypes around bonfires, imbue our intents within media of all sorts and anything else we might find useful in making the world a more wild, mysterious and liberating place to be.” (dkmu.org)

Members of the group came from all walks of life and traditions, bound together by their desire to make the world a more magical place and amp up the weirdness of everyday life.  There were no leaders, and there seemed to be no coherent philosophy shared by its members.  With heavy nods toward Chaos Magic and Discordianism, the DKMU released a series of videos, music, and visual art that they called, “propaganda,” describing the consensual reality as a kind of prison for creativity and personal freedom.  Their focus was on the practical application of magical techniques, particularly the use of sigils (a symbolic representation of an idea or intent), and the treatment of the individual’s psyche as a laboratory.

The origins of the group can be traced back to a thread on occultforum.com in 2004 about buying ad space in newspapers with the message, “Magick is real!”  Over time, the thread evolved into a plot.  At it’s center was the L.S. (Linking Sigil), which would later become “Ellis.”

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