What is this:

S.’. E.’. F.’. is a blog aimed at the scholarly study of the occult around the world in general, but focused on the western esoterical tradition and the History of Magic(k) since its origins on the Antiquity untill the present times in its many forms of interpretation and manifestation in the modern societies. Since the old shamanic practices till the newly ideas on (e. g.) the Information Model Paradigm and Transhumanism.

The blog is also dedicated to personal experiences with magic, mainly those related to empirical and idiosyncratic practices of magic such as we can find in Chaos Magic and other forms which could be named as post-Chaos Magic or Postmodern Magic (term used by Patrick Dunn that untill now – personally speaking – fits well with the idea of a non-dogmatic/non-ceremonial sort of magical thought).

What it is not:

This is not a religious blog of any kind and neither committed to any sort of group, coven, order, brotherhood and etc. And even though some posts might present personal experiences, this is not a diary.


Frater S.’. E.’. F.’.

2th of June of the Year of the Empress of the 1º Arcana

(02/06/2013 AD)


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